Furniture Gas Spring & Damper

Non-pressurised dampers are designed for low force, motion control applications. Common applications : Furniture/industrial applications.

Application Demonstration





16-1 Gas Springs

For lightweight applications with limited space. 6mm rod, 15mm diameter tube. Maximum pressure force of up to 400N. Common applications : Furniture, Industrial.



16-2 Gas Springs

Our most popular size. Used for lifting and counterbalancing light to medium weight applications. 8mm rod, 18mm diameter tube. Maximum pressure : 750N. Common applications : Industrial & automotive industries.


16-4 Gas Springs

Our highest rated durable spring. 10mm rod, 22mm diameter tube. Maximum pressure force : 1200N. Common applications : computer arms/heavy industries.


16-6 Gas Springs

Our strongest and logest Series 16 gas spring. 14mm rod, 28mm tube. Maximum pressure : 2000N. Common applications : heavy industries.


End Fittings

M6 and M8 end fittings and ball studs for our non-locking gas springs.