Bed lifting mechanism
SUSPA® is an innovative manufacturer of gas springs, hydraulic dampers, vibration dampers, lifting columns, piston rods, crash management systems, safety systems as well as complex drives and actuators. SUSPA® is a development partner of important producers from the automotive, machine building, furniture, white goods, medical and durable goods industries.
Donati is an Italian company who creates integrated systems for chairs in collaboration with some of the most important and well-known international designers. Donati’s choice to develop different, innovative solutions which satisfy the requests of clients – the office furniture producers - partners and designers, comes from the ability to focus and work within the terms of a project, to create integrated chair systems. For this reason Donati prefers to be considered as a reality for development, open to project planners, architects and office furniture producers who want to bring their chair ideas to one single interlocutor complete and efficient in every aspect: R&D, production, test controls conforming to the international norms.
Office Chair Component
Furniture Flap dampers

K+R is a manufacturer of sophisticated, intelligent, innovative upholstery fabrics for the office and contract sectors, for both public and private space.

K+R develops and produces upholstery fabrics of high functional and aesthetic value, with the aim of providing its customers not only with a wide variety of inspiring products ex stock from its Spectrum collection, but also with fine custom solutions.
K+R continuously sets new standards by implementing new, patented technologies and innovative product ideas. Licenses, exclusivity agreements and patent protection are key issues in the philosophy of K+R.
As a supplier for world-renowned companies, K+R is aware that it bears a significant share of the responsibility for the quality of customer products. K+R permanently fulfills this responsibility as a competent, creative and reliable partner.
K+R Textil GmbH & Co.KG was established in 2006 as a familiy business that succeeded the Krall & Roth Weber GmbH & Co.KG, which was founded in Mönchengladbach in 1952.
"Creativity, Innovation, Daringly, Fun, Timeless Design Culture" is the key words to our business philosophy.
The primary target is to bring the Europe to Asia; a cosmopolitan spirit, made of quality, aesthetics and originality for the Asia Region across the hospitality, commercial, educational and residential markets.
To build up comprehensive product range of international and local brands; strategically sourced and/or manufacture and regularly updated, ensuring we offer the best, quality and craftsmanship.
To work closely with our clients to manage sample requests, customization and product options ensuring the best solution to both project and client requirements.
Opening and Closing of Doors and Lids